My Work

Projects In Progress

Metrorail Silver Line Station Area Plan

Develop land use, mobility, and connectivity plans for the areas around the forthcoming Ashburn and Loudoun Gateway Metrorail Silver Line stations.   Design road networks, bus routes, bicycle corridors, and vehicular and pedestrian access to station facilities and transit-oriented developments in the vicinity.  Determine the best locations for various station-related uses with the County’s Project Manager.  Work with the Department of Planning to ensure regional transportation plans and land development schemes are incorporated into station area plans.  Review design and construction plans to insure incorporation of multimodal facilities to create a pedestrian-friendly, urban environment.  Develop long-range plans to provide bicycle, pedestrian, and transit service to the Metrorail stations.


Urban Multimodal Street Plan Development and ImplementationDRPT Multimodal System Design Guidelines Cover

Lead implementation of new urban street guidelines from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transit (DRPT).   Research initial attempts at implementation of modern urban street designs and coordinate with neighboring jurisdictions to facilitate the development process.  Identify study areas for initial development of new designs to incorporate into regional transportation forecasting models for impact comparisons.


Countywide Transportation Plan Update

Manage the comprehensive update of the county’s transportation plan as part of the new Comprehensive Plan, including roadways, transit infrastructure, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities planning.  Evaluate current plan to identify successes and opportunities for improvement, develop policy basis for implementation of new plans.  Reach out to stakeholders, including elected officials, business leaders, and citizens groups to incorporate public preferences and input.  Coordinate with the Department of Planning and Zoning to align plans and integrate systems.


Loudoun County Transportation Plan Implementation

Administer Countywide Transportation Plan policies and goals.  Work closely with road design engineers to implement plan projects to ensure appropriate design speeds, intersections, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and development of a network grid for County roadways.  Evaluate needs for roadway improvements in the contexts of land development impacts, latent traffic demands, and multi-modal mobility.



Loudoun County Development Review

Review and make policy-based transportation system recommendations regarding development proposals in Loudoun County, in conjunction with the Department of Planning and Zoning.  Engage with the development community to ensure a smooth and positive legislative review process.


Neighborhood Transportation Plan Development

Coordinate with the Department of Planning and Zoning to assist in the successful development and implementation of community plans throughout Loudoun County.  Review plan proposals to enable synchronization with the Countywide Transportation Plan.  Conceptualize street section typologies, transit routes, and off-road trail corridors to provide truly multimodal and connected neighborhoods for residents, workers, and visitors.  Engage residents and other stakeholders to ensure that small area plans reflect the desired character and environment of each community.


Completed Projects

2016 – Loudoun County Taxicab Ordinance 

Researched regional taxicab ordinances.  Assisted in framing County position on State transportation network company legislation.  Wrote and edited taxicab ordinance for implementation in the County.

2015 – Loudoun County Transportation Plan Policy Review

Developed policy update to 2010 CTP through assessment of existing policy framework and success of implementation.  Created draft recommendation of policies for the next update by researching policies and outcomes in local municipalities as well as successful implementation strategies and outcomes from projects throughout the Country.

13944622592014 – Birmingham Framework Plans

Assistant Project Manager for Community Planning, Lead Transportation Analyst and Project Planner – Road, Transit, and Non-Motorized Transportation Projects


think-forward-20402014 – Think Forward 2040: Regional Transportation Plan

Wrote and edited MPO regional transportation plan document in coordination with the Alabama Department of Transportation.


2014 – In-Town Transit Partnership20140710105716459

Project Implementation Team Cartographer and Developer of Presentations for City Council and Transportation Engineers with Consultants and City Staff.


-edeec819eb7e7a712014 – City of Gardendale Comprehensive Plan (RPCGB)

Transportation Planner


2013 – Penn Station Vision Plan (Regional Plan Association/University of Pennsylvania)

Transportation Planning Team


Full Report PDF

RailCorridorReuseMap2013 – Roosevelt Boulevard Corridor Study (University of Pennsylvania)

Transit Planner, Author

Full Report PDF

SouthSpruceCover2012 – Spruce-South Corridor Study (University of Pennsylvania)

Transportation Planner, Designer, Author

Full Report PDF

2011 – O20140710090440362lney Neighborhood Vision and Proposals Report (University of Pennsylvania)

Community Transportation Planner

Full Report PDF

2011 – Commons Center Organization and Leadership Plan (The Commons, Vanderbilt University)

Consultant and Implementation Coordinator

2010 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Internal Implementation Plan (Sinai Health System)

Researcher and Author

2008 – Familial Responses to Octogenarianism: Senility and Alzheimers in Hispanic-American Communities (Sinai Health System)

Researcher and Author


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