A Transportation Planner passionate about building sustainable, walkable, transit-oriented suburban communities.

BobKerryBridgeEditAbout Me

I am a transportation planner aiming to shape and plan communities, neighborhoods, and institutions to be walkable, sustainable, and transit-friendly.  I look for professional and volunteer opportunities where I can be an asset, where my skills and input are valued, and where I can be a part of developing and implementing dynamic projects.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, I hold a Masters of City Planning degree with a focus in Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning.  I have transportation planning experience in Birmingham, Chicago, New York City, Northern Virginia, and Philadelphia .  I have worked in municipal and regional government, non-profit advocacy, health care, and higher education.

I would love to connect with you and discuss innovation and opportunities in the field of transportation planning.  Contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email.

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To find out more, look in to my experience or page through my portfolio.

Professional Association Memberships

American Planning Association (http://www.planning.org/)

Transportation Research Board (http://www.trb.org/)

Urban Land Institute (http://www.uli.org)



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